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Chairman's Desk

The first Sirdar was Pestonji Framji Vakil of Ahmedabad (b.1796 to d.1870). He was the grand father and great-grand father of the two founders of the PMW. Under this contract, by Government Notification R.D. 106 dated 13th January 1849, Pestonji provided 400 native foot soldiers and 200 Silahdars, or native mounted irregulars, who came with their own horse and equipment. To pay for this outfit, Pestonji was granted Abkari rights or Saranjami of 13 villages along the Preventive Line. This contract remained effective up to 1891. The Sirdari was taken over by Pestonji's yongest son Jehangirji (b.1843--- d.1901). Pestonji's illustrious and benevolent son Sir Navroji Vakil, KC I E along with the great Sir Charles Pritchard founded Kharagodha Nava Gam. Nowroji, founded his salt business in 1856 in the name of Nowroji Pestonji & Co.which lasted upto 1970. Sir Nowroji was called the "Salt Baron." The same family continues to control the Company even today.